Vistas & Visions Exhibition

Chris-Thompson1If the objective of the Vistas and Visions exhibition is to inspire more people to make time to be creative, then by Christmas 2015 we may well see some brand new talent in the Foxlowe Gallery.

If you’ve ever wondered what stimulates people to create visual arts, this exhibition may offer some insight. Erica Brook herself shows how explorations of colour, line, shape and form often take precedence over her subject matter. With this starting point, patterns and symbols of heritage and place emerge as if by magic. Pam How creates narrative images with linocuts, progressing designs from her deeply rooted family and community connections.

Although both David Hunt and Michael Sadler take their inspiration from similar subject matter such as landscape, place and time, David Hunt uses mixed media to create hauntingly atmospheric pictures many local people will recognise. Michael Sadler’s abstracts are precise, bold and vibrant depictions of shape and colour. Margaret Brothwell describes her own process of painting that allows for change, evolving until the emotional content is captured, resulting in wonderfully vibrant images.

Chris Thompson’s Bird Sculptures encompass found objects to create mini stories with quirky figures. Each of Virginia Kent Baguley’s tiny knitted dolls, made with scraps of wool, burst with character and charm. Vivienne Ross’s fine ceramics portray amusing domestic relationships with their stretched limbs and a preponderance of fingers and toes. Three more ceramicists work in intriguingly different ways: Hazel Higham, with her folk art influences, Gareth Davies having a strong classical base and for Gill MacMillan it’s nature that inspires elegance in each of her pieces.

As an exhibition designed to honour the purpose of the Foxlowe Vistas and Visions has succeeded in demonstrating diversity, skill and passion in abundance! The exhibition closes on Saturday 10th January 2015. Items sold for Christmas gifts are replaced by the artists almost immediately.

Open Wednesday to Saturday, 10am-4pm & Sunday 11am-4pm.

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