Telling Tales


The Live Age Festival provides a perfect opportunity to showcase some more artwork from the talented residents of Wall Hill care home in Leek, mostly aged in their 90s.  The delicate watercolour paintings and drawings include observations of nature, copies of Degas dancers and sketches of hands.  All presented together with snippets of conversations revealing just a little about the lives that people led in different times.

The exhibition also marks the launch of Big Draw for All Ages.  This is part of the annual Big Draw Campaign, which champions the power of drawing to tell stories and change lives.  Care home managers that wish to participate in the project should contact Viv Young 07957 604599 for further information about how to book a FREE drawing session for residents, staff and visitors.
Cathie Powell-Davies is showing some beautiful work made in response to her Artist Residency work at care homes in North Staffordshire.  These four embroidered pictures, on display in the Cafe, reveal some of the poignant thoughts and memories of care home residents.