Steampunk & Victoriana exhibition

The Foxlowe Arts Centre in Leek invites visitors to a scintillating and stupendous Victorian inspired showcase. Its Steampunk & Victoriana Exhibition runs from Saturday 20th October to Sunday 18th November, giving us a glimpse into a futuristic Victorian world that combines influences of past and future technologies in a scientific and romantic setting.

Steampunk originated in the 1980s inspired and influenced by 19th century science fiction, and is set in a world where steam power is paramount. The genre pays homage to the novels of Jules Verne and HG Wells and has grown from a literary movement to become a lifestyle choice for steampunk enthusiasts who dress in Victorian gear and create artworks based around the imagined technology.

Foxlowe arts centre Steampunk exhibition

The exhibition will display costumes, objects, artwork and memorabilia showcasing the Steampunk genre and the Victorian era.

Artists featuring in the exhibition include Jema Hewitt who shares her absinthe fairy gown with us and jewellery creations. Jema is a well known Steampunk figure who’s alter ego Miss Emilly Ladybird is a Steampunk adventuress that travels the world searching out artefacts. Dr Geof, Phantoms Siren aka Vyctoria Hart and Stefany Maden all introduce us to some unusual and interesting characters.

The exhibition also features local artists Neil Watkins, Liz Yates and Justin Rasbridge who will be sharing their Steampunk and Victorian inspired creations, alongside Scottish artist Nicola Brand, all taking us into a world of wonderment and possibility.

Bradford Museum have kindly loaned some striking Steampunk art panels and artwork to the art centre for display in the exhibition.

Georgia Hamilton the exhibition organiser told us ‘I saw the Steampunk exhibition in Bradford and really loved the unusual characters and stories that were created by the artists and wanted to share some of this wonderful growing movement. This exhibition is stimulating and intriguing and brings something a little different for the audience to consider’

The Steampunk & Victoriana exhibition runs for four weeks from Saturday 20th October to Sunday 18th November with a preview evening taking place on Friday 19th October from 6.30pm which members of the public are welcome to attend.


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