Live and Local professional theatre

Professional theatre shows announced, starting in October

The Foxlowe is proud to work with Live&Local to present professional theatre shows.  Live&Local is the touring network which offers theatre, as well as music and dance, to venues like ours.   Serious shows, light-hearted shows, shows for young children – we range across the repertoire with a number of one-night performances.

The current season started in October, and here’s an update on it.  We’ve been awarded 4 shows, two before and two after Christmas.

On Saturday 19 October we presented”Once Upon a TimeThe Misadventures of the Brothers Grimm“, described as ‘anarchic comedy at its best’.  It was very much liked by the audience.


One actor, 15 parts … …

On Saturday 23 November we have an unusual and exciting version of Shakespeare’s King Lear, presented by Oddbodies.

Armed with only a drum, a guitar, a knife and a chair, the tragic trajectory of Lear’s demise is presented to you from the point of view of his long suffering and ever-loyal fool. This one-man show is inventive, irreverent and highly accessible.

‘Oddbodies is that rare thing, a genuinely original blast of fresh air… unique.’ Evening Standard

All the characters from this sad and sorry tale brought to glorious life as seen from the eyes of the Fool. The bastard Edmund, haughty Goneril, poor deluded Gloucester, oily Oswald, sweet Cordelia, mad Tom and more.

Blindness, betrayal, delusion, deceit, love, loyalty, lust and greed – it’s all to be found in this fast paced, funny, poignant and ultimately heartbreaking production,

Armed with only a drum, a guitar, a knife and a chair, the tragic trajectory of Lear’s demise is presented by Paul Morel as the Long-suffering and ever loyal Fool.

This is an inventive, irreverent and highly accessible take on one of Shakespeare’s most brilliant plays.

Just one reviewer’s comment – more reviews in the Foxlowe listings:

‘Paul Morel is, no question, a fierce talent… a hilarious, fantastic evening’ *****@BingeFringe

Tickets are now available for this at the Foxlowe as well as online.


Then in the New Year, in January we’re presenting a show for our youngest audiences (aimed at 3 – 6 year olds)  and in March there will be a welcome return of one of last year’s really well liked companies with Twisted Tales II.


The Wolf, The Duck & The Mouse

Thursday 23 January, 5.30pm (between teatime and bedtime)

★★★★ ‘The best kind of children’s theatre.’ The Stage

★★★★★ ‘Perfect theatrical adaptation.’ The List

One day a mouse was strolling through the forest when, suddenly, he was swallowed by a wolf. ‘Oh Woe!’ he cried from inside the wolf’s belly, that is before discovering that there was a duck in there too who rather enjoys his cosy new digs and doesn’t fancy leaving, thank you very much! Together the two form an unlikely friendship where dancing and playing are at the top of the agenda, as well as enjoying the many weird and wonderful things the wolf gobbles down. While they play the day, outside in the forest the wolf is being hunted by a nasty human. Can the two hatch a plan to save Wolf from the hunter’s rifle and continue to live in belly-based harmony?

This is delightful tale of animal antics, drawn directly from the much-loved picture book, ‘The Wolf, The Duck and The Mouse’. Its creators – Mac Barnett and John Klassen – are two of the biggest names in contemporary young children’s literature, so to have it brought to the stage for the first time in the UK is a thrilling and noteworthy event. Mac Barnett is a New York Times bestselling author. His books have sold more than one million copies in the United States and have been translated into more than 30 languages.

The characters have been carefully drawn and will delight young children; in particular, Duck, who’s cast as an eccentric uncle at a wedding. Their set design takes its cue from the original books with a warm, wintery aesthetic which should be extremely evocative for the audience. The play itself provides an important message about environmentalism to children and families alike, as while he’s hunted, the poor old wolf is also chomping on all sort of unpleasant detritus that has been left scattered around the forest floor. It’s a modern day fairytale about taking care of the natural world, as well finding friendship in the darkest of places.

‘A subversive delight… an unexpected, hilarious collaboration.’

Tickets available online now:  and at the Foxlowe in late November

Live&Local is funded by Arts Council England, and grateful to be supported by Staffordshire Moorlands District Council.  Other Moorlands places which also receive L&L work include Alstonefield, Biddulph Moor, Blythe Bridge, Calton, Foxt and Swythamley.  You can find the list of nearby Live&Local shows online at and looking at “What’s On”.


Michael Quine