Helen Kaminsky

Helen Margaret Kaminsky

Mixed Media Art – on display until Saturday 27th April 2019.

Helen is a self-taught, flourishing mixed media artist whose diversity appeals to a wide audience of individuals.  She has completed many commissioned pieces and has become of high interest to a multitude of art collectors locally and internationally.  Helen is a member of a number of art societies based in the North West, including Incubation Arts, and has recently joined the Vale Artists Co-operative in Congleton, Cheshire, where she shares a studio with four other artisans.

Quality in her work is ensured throughout every step of the artistic process from creation to delivery.

Artist’s Statement

My work has evolved through various experiments and techniques, from photo transfer, mixed media, collage and encaustic. I love the challenges and excitement of work with different mediums, changing the style to suit the subject and the effects that I want to create. This versatility gives each piece its own mystique.

I have developed my style to interact with the observer as I like to keep a sense of mystery within my paintings, for the interpretation to change with each viewer’s own imagination.  This way the painting will always be a source of creative visualisation, changing over time with the shifting thought processes.

The synergies of these techniques combine to establish an intuitive, original and diverse portfolio.


eMail:                   hmkaminsky@btinternet.com

FB:                        HMK@valeartists

Website:              www.helenkaminsky.co.uk

Mobile:                07896 869528