Gallery – Landscape and Memory exhibition

Saturday 10 October – Saturday 21 November

An interesting new exhibition, Landscape and Memory, brings together works from painters Lucy Bennett and Phil Bennett, photographer Stuart Royse and textiles from Angela Thompson.

United by a fascination and passion for landscapes, these exhibitors use a variety of media to evoke the magic and memories of their surroundings. The works range from paintings depicting places of quiet and stillness or the liveliness of the natural world, to photographs and textiles bringing the colour and texture of landscapes to life.

Visitors can immerse themselves in the world of imaginative landscapes at the Foxlowe Gallery which is open Wednesday to Saturday 10am-4pm.



Lucy Bennett has a natural flair for pattern making, weaving and threading pathways through imaginative landscapes.



Phil Bennett’s paintings are often concerned with those empty spaces where human activity is reduced to a minimum.


October 2005, Strontian woodland, Ardnamuchan Peninsular, Highlands, Scotland.

October 2005, Strontian woodland, Ardnamuchan Peninsular, Highlands, Scotland.

Stuart Royse is a creative photographer working in a wide range of subject matter including landscapes.



Angela Thompson’s long fascination with the world of cloth stems from a passionate love of colour and texture.