Gallery – Diversity of Narrative

Foxlowe Gallery

Gallery – Diversity of Narrative exhibition

Saturday 29 August – Saturday 3 October.

This exciting new exhibition showcases contrasting approaches across three-dimensional art, ceramics, painting and printmaking.

Mark Smith 2

Mark Smith

Ten exhibitors are presenting their work: Pam How, Ingrid Karlsson-Kemp, Mark Lippett, Edward Mackenzie, Yvonne Oates, Colette Payne, Joanne Reay, Pat Rhead Phillips, Sarah Sharpe and Mark Smith. An impressive range of techniques will be on display with pieces involving assemblage, collage, drawing, intaglio etching, lino-cutting, mono-printing, painting, press molding, screen printing and stitching. The work is diverse and inspiring, with a strong narrative thread which invites thoughtful consideration. Viewers can explore contrasting pieces – from those that tell a story to others with hidden symbolic meaning. This exhibition has something for everyone with its presentation of different approaches and complexities.

Pam How 5

Pam How’s work involves combinations of printmaking, drawing and painting to emphasise how pattern and colour can be used to represent and interpret the world.

Ingrid Karllson-Kemp - Cottons Fishing Temple

With a narrative style of work inspired by storytelling, Ingrid Karlsson-Kemp’s favoured techniques include collage, mono-printing and crystalline watercolour.

Mark Lippett - shelter

Mark Lippett specialises in drawing and painting, focusing on unpopulated urban and natural landscapes capturing scenes that are atmospheric and quiet.

Edward Mackenzie Chrome Yellow Shadow Play(1)

With a strong design element referencing ideas to history, humour or allegory, Edward Mackenzie works mainly with found objects to create assemblage art.

Yvonne Oates - I will say this only once

Yvonne Oats’ contemporary paintings encourage viewers to use their own creativity and imagination to interpret the story behind each piece.

Collette Payne 1

Working in the relief printing medium of lino-cut, Colette Payne’s figurative work captures people absorbed in the moment. Colette Payne

Joanne Reay - Little Un

Joanne Reay uses screen printing, collage, image transfer and painting to create spontaneous, bright and colourful pieces inspired by family life.

Pat Rhead Phillips 10

Inspiration for Pat Rhead-Phillips’ paintings, drawings and prints comes from the organic forms of plants, flowers and natural structures.

Sarah Sharpe - Alice (428x640)

Sarah Sharpe’s work in media such as intaglio etching, stitch and paint explores the human condition, inspired by the written word.

Drawing inspiration from the sea, each of Mark Smith’s ceramic pieces has its own story to tell.


The Gallery is open Wed-Sat 10am-4pm and Sunday 11am-4pm.

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