Foxlowe Films – True Grit

True Grit tickets are still available at all outlets around the town – Colloco (Sheepmarket), Over the Rainbow (Derby Street), Boardman’s Newsagents (Broad Street) and the Foxlowe Gallery.  Last week we had a full house, although there were a few tickets available on the night.  My week with Marilyn is now sold out (unless we get any returns), but there are still tickets left for all the rest of the programme.

We’ve had lots of positive feedback from the first two screenings.  There are still things to get ironed out and we are aware seating is far from ideal.  We asked the audience to say why an independent community cinema was important to them – these were just a few answers:

Several people valued being able to walk – “Waited 30 years for a cinema I can walk to”    “I love film and to be able to walk here!”

Cost and travelling time was also important – “Much more lovely than going to the Potteries”   “Cheaper.  Closer to home – less travelling”

The sense of community was mentioned – “Community spirit, local, safe, small”   “It brings the community together”   “Watching films in company is much more fun”

The quality of films was also an issue – “Opportunity to provide films of a wide range”  “Offers an alternative to the mainstream”

So, if you haven’t come along yet – why not give it a go.  At £4 a ticket (£3 concessions) you can afford to just give it a try even if its not a film you have heard of before.  Doors open at 7pm and there is a licensed bar, so you can relax, meet up with friends and have a drink before the film.


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