Snake Oil Remedy’s Back to School Party with Reefy Blunt and the Biftas

06/09/2019 @ 7:30 pm – 11:00 pm
Foxlowe Arts Centre
Market Place
ST13 6AD
01538 386112

Snake Oil Remedy’s back to school party with Reefy Blunt and the Biftas and one more band TBA shortly.

The call of the Raven echoed across the moors. Thee beating of the wings of the Thunderbird cast a large ominous shadow. Something strange this way comes.
A new rock band, based from Leek are making a big noise.
Snake Oil Remedy are in town.
Welcome to the Medicine Show.
50 years after Blind Willie had given up the guitar, chance meetings between Blind Willie, The Muff Master General and Jontino started the Snake Oil fermenting process.
Then Muff Master came across the Stickman walking naked in the market place. Suitably impressed by his appendage, Muff asked the Stickman to join on drums.
An idea was brewing. Blind Willie tossed (and turned) all night until he found
The Cool Side of the Pillow.
The four jammed on some ancient secret tunes lost to the ages. All was well.
Just one piece of the puzzle missing to open the gates of hell.
Then they heard of the Messiah, Tom Sawyer, born in a banjo on the high moors, so the legend goes, belonging to one of the fierce hill tribesmen.
Feeling kinship with the old men in the band, Sawyer joined the cult, I mean band (ahem).
Praise the lord for Barefoot Salvation.
At last, the prophecy is coming true, Snake Oil Remedy are here.
Spreading their nasty filthy sound to those unaware of their calling.
Unadulterated Raw Hellbilly Harcore Blues. Deliverance with a Wah wah pedal.
Hundreds of shows in reefy will dance your socks off with classic rhythm and blues dance tracks ,expect Influences from
johnnie walker , ozzie white, captain morgan, jack daniels….but definitely ….

R ‘N’ B, Rock ‘n’ Roll Blues, Ska….

Doors 7.30pm starts 8.00pm tickets £5