Impact of Brexit on Farming and the Food Industry

21/08/2019 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Foxlowe Arts Centre
Market Place

Pro EU Campaigners and Farmers Against Brexit have come together to organise a public meeting, to review and discuss the implications of leaving the European Union on 31st October.

Guest speakers will include West Midlands’ MEPs Philip Bennion, an arable farmer based in Tamworth and Ellie Chowns, who serves on the international trade and development committees of the European Parliament.

This will be a cross party ‘Questions and Answers’ event with a panel representing residents who are living and working in the rural districts of Cheshire and Staffordshire.

“What many people do not appreciate is that our beautiful countryside and the future prosperity of market towns like Leek, depend very much on the farmers in this region,” explains Staffs 4 Europe chairman, Mike Ottewell.

“It is inconsistent for district councils to pass climate emergency motions, whilst at the same time our government is withdrawing from EU partnerships.”

Commenting on the event, Ellie Chowns said. “Farmers have an absolutely crucial role to play in tackling both the climate crisis and the biodiversity crisis. We can’t do those things alone; we need to work together with our European neighbours. Leaving the EU undermines the livelihoods of farmers, threatens our food standards, and raises prices for us all. No-deal Brexit is a disaster, and nobody voted for it.”

Mike Ottewell is anticipating a lively discussion. “We acknowledge that the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy has many flaws, but one of its basic aims is to at least preserve a European rural development model based on the promotion of family farms.

“What the current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is planning is a million miles away from that, and from anything that was promised during the referendum three years ago. And that is why the Brexit debate has now essentially come down to one question: can this government be allowed to get away with forcing the hardest version of Brexit onto the country without allowing the public any form of confirmatory vote?”

A FREE Panel Event to discuss the impact of Brexit on farming, the food industry, and the environment.

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Doors: 6:30

Start: 7:00

Foxlowe Arts Centre, Stockwell Street, Leek, Staffordshire, ST13 6AD
21-08-2019 at 18:30 to 20:30

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