Foxlowe Arts Centre brings new professional theatre to Leek

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A message from our Live & Local coordinator – Michael Quine:

Hello again,

The New Year brings two new theatre shows to the Foxlowe.  One is a return visit, the second a new company.

First up, on 24 January, is James Rowland in “A Hundred Different Words for Love”.  He’s back with a sequel to his “Team Viking” seen and enjoyed by a near sell-out audience in Leek last January.   Three years ago, James met the love of his life. A year ago, they broke up. And it’s the story of his best friends getting married and still having the time to be there for him. And finally, it’s the story of a quest: to find the right words to make sense of love and tripping up over a lot of wrong ones along the way.

“James Rowland doesn’t need any frills to make you laugh and cry. A Hundred Different Words for Love is storytelling at its finest: beautiful, simple, funny, and utterly engaging”   Reviews Hub


And then on Thursday 21 February Little Earthquake bring their new show “I ain’t Afraid of no Ghost”.

Imagine an ordinary home with extraordinary goings-on. Set in the 80s, this show is based on the family experiences of one of the actors, whose home is taken oven by a playful poltergeist. Find out who really took that packed of Kit Kats.

A funny and nostalgic trip back to the 80s in a theatre show for adults and older children about a family home being haunted by a playful poltergeist. It delves back into the childhood of Gareth, the director and one of the performers, and draws you into a fascinating paranormal mystery set in a very recognisable suburban world.

A quirky, creative performance that encourages your own overactive imagination, reconnects you with some sounds, sights and flavours of the past, and provides lots of laughs along with a few spooky surprises!

Formed in 2005 by co-Directors Gareth Nicholls and Philip Holyman, West-Midlands based Little Earthquake “exists to create events that will surprise, entertain, inspire and intrigue. The stories we tell invite audiences to scupper their expectations and escape the ordinary.


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