Once Upon a Time – The misadventures of the Brothers Grimm
Oct 19 @ 7:30 pm

Once Upon a Time   – The Misadventures of the Brothers Grimm

A rip-roaring comedy adventure bursting with physical comedy, absurd jokes and magical illusion.

The Brothers Grimm are kidnapped on the eve of publishing the final volume of what will become the greatest collection of fairy-tales ever to be published and it’s down to their lesser known (but incredibly brave) sister, Lotte to travel deep into the Fairy Tale Kingdom and confront evil Rumpelstiltskin.

Three versatile actors perform over twenty different characters (goodies and baddies) in this epic quest to save the day. Will Rapunzel’s hair be crucial to the plot? Should you risk a bite of Snow White’s apple? And are Hansel and Gretel going to be any use at all or will they throw Lotte to the mercy of the wicked witch?

Inspired by the slapstick greats, Gonzo Moose always bring the house down – a thrilling show for all the family!

An exuberant mash-up of improvisation, physical theatre, slapstick and satire.‘ The Stage

Wild, crazy, inspired and devilishly funny.’ Oxford Times

A professional theatre show brought to us by Live&Local, supported by Arts Council England and Staffordshire Moorlands District Council.

Comments on other shows:

“Very, fantastically funny show! Thank you!”
“What a fantastic show! My son and I enjoyed it equally. Brilliant.”
“An awesome and satisfyingly exhausting performance! Thanks x”
“Adults enjoyed it as much as the children!”
“That was the best play ever!”
“Fantastic show!! Something for everyone- West End transfer!”
“Thank you for a truly magical and thrilling evening of theatre magic!! Amazing,
talented trio”

Tickets:   £12.00 in advance  (£13.00 on the night);  £6.00 for students.

Disability parking at rear of building.

Licensed bar, soft and hot drinks available from 7pm.

King Lear
Nov 23 @ 7:30 pm


‘Oddbodies is that rare thing, a genuinely original blast of fresh air… unique.’ Evening Standard

One actor, one chair, one guitar, one drum one knife.   One of Shakespeare’s most famous tragedies.  Five Acts.  Fifteen characters.  Eighty minutes

The tragic trajectory of Lear’s demise is presented to you from the point of view of his long suffering and ever-loyal fool. This one-man show is inventive, irreverent and highly accessible.

The story of an arrogant ruler terrified of death and the waning of his powers, driven to madness by age, infirmity and filial disobedience, here becomes a super-dark comedy.

Perfect for fans of Shakespeare’s work as well as those who have previously found it hard going – this production benefits from very clear storytelling and has been brilliantly edited from the original text, ensuring it is both easy to follow and highly entertaining.

From poor deluded Gloucester to sweet Cordelia and mad Tom – all the characters from this sad and sorry tale are brought to glorious life before your very eyes. Blindness, betrayal, delusion, deceit, love, loyalty, lust and greed – it’s all here in this fast paced, funny, poignant and ultimately heart-breaking production.

Adapted & performed by the incredibly talented Paul Morel, and directed by John Mowat, this show contains all of Oddbodies’ trademark physical ingenuity and visual flair.

“I came to this thinking ‘urgh not another Shakespeare’ but came out of it with my ideals completely flipped. It was fabulous.” Audience member

‘Funny, clever and moving.’ Audience member

Tickets:   £12.00 in advance  (£13.00 on the night);  £6.00 for students.

Disability parking at rear of building.

Licensed bar, soft and hot drinks available from 7pm.

Recommended age: 14+

Renowned for its physical invention and visual ingenuity, Oddbodies’ acclaimed theatre work has been seen all over the UK, in Europe, Canada and the USA. The shows have taken part in numerous Festivals including the Chicago Festival, Glastonbury Festival, London International Mime Festival, Time Out Critics’ Choice Festival, BAC’s Festival of Visual Theatre and the British Council’s Showcase of the Best of British Theatre at the Edinburgh Festival.   www.oddbodies.com