Gallery – Prints, Sculptures, Paintings! Exhibition
Mar 9 @ 10:00 am – May 4 @ 4:00 pm

This Gallery exhibition will showcase three artists’ work.

Penny Beautiman will be displaying her prints, Angela Munslow her sculptures, while Jack Skinner will be exhibiting his paintings and drawings.

The exhibition will run from Saturday, March 9 through to Saturday, May 4.

Gallery opening times are Wednesday to Saturday from 10am until 4pm. The Foxlowe Gallery is kindly sponsored by LSGK Accountants Ltd.

Preview Evening 7.00-9.00pm, Friday 8th March 2019.   

The Foxlowe Gallery is open Wednesday to Saturday: 10am-4pm and the first Sunday of the month, 11am-4pm.


For further information please contact Gallery co-ordinator

Jane Wilde – 07941548512


Disobedience (15)
Mar 19 @ 7:45 pm – 9:45 pm

Disobedience is director Sebastián Lelio’s (A Fantastic Woman) English language debut, a rich and rewarding British drama about forbidden love and fighting for what you truly believe in. Rachel Weisz stars as Ronit, a photographer happily living a bohemian life in New York, who returns to London after the death of her father. Once back, and again the black sheep of the Orthodox Jewish community, she discovers that her childhood friend Esti, with whom she once shared a complicated romantic bond, is now the wife of the young rabbi most likely to replace her father at the synagogue.

“This is richly satisfying and powerfully acted work.” The Guardian.

UK/Ireland/USA 2018 114 mins  


Cinema located on first floor – regrettably no disabled access.

Licensed bar, hot drinks available from 7 pm.

Advance tickets available from Foxlowe Gallery or online.

Tickets normally also available on the door.


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Marty Willson-Piper
Mar 20 @ 8:00 pm

Marty Willson-Piper is best known for his tenure as a lead guitarist, singer/songwriter and occasional bass player with disparate acts – the church (“Under The Milky Way”), All About Eve and The Saints, covering Psychedelia, Goth and Punk. As a songwriter he has written songs for and with Charlie Sexton – Bob Dylan’s guitarist, Aimee Mann, Jules Shear, Linda Perry and Grace Slick. He’s currently working with legendary Swedish Progressive Rock band Anekdoten, touring with them all over Europe, Japan and even Armenia.
Brought up close to Liverpool, his influences have made him a prolific writer, covering even more genres with a slew of solo albums as lead singer and as guitarist and singer/lyricist with other eclectic projects, including four albums with Cornish duo Noctorum.
Marty also teaches songwriting and guitar through his website and has performed all over the world with his own band, featuring interchangeable line ups. This latest fascinating incarnation features his wife Olivia Willson-Piper on violin and backing vocals.
He performs an eclectic collection of songs from all aspects of his long history that invites all music lovers to experience Marty as a singer, a songwriter, a guitar player and a storyteller.
For more details:
homepage: facebook: instagram: mwpindeepmusicarchive twitter: mwillsonpiper
soundcloud: martywillsonpiper


Jack Dee: Work in Progress – Sold Out
Mar 22 @ 7:30 pm


Jack Dee as he takes to the road trying out new material for his forthcoming UK tour.

“In these difficult and uncertain times people need hope – a ray of sunshine to brighten their day. And that’s very much where I come in” says Jack.

Star of TV sitcoms Bad Move, Lead Balloon and Josh as well as chair of the legendary Radio 4 show I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue.

Other credits include presenting Jack Dee’s Helpdesk on BBC Two and being the star of C4’s, The Jack Dee Show, Jack Dee’s Saturday Night, Jack Dee’s Happy Hour and Jack Dee Live at the Apollo. “In fact,” explains Jack, “I’ve appeared in every single TV show with my name in the title”.

Doors 7.30pm


Bob Log III
Mar 24 @ 7:45 pm

Bob Log III, Fat Possum recording artist and one man band crown prince of punk blues from Tuscon, Arizona. Witnessing Bob Log live is an unmissable and unforgettable experience. By rights he should be a punk blues stadium super star. He takes to the stage with his face masked in a crash helmet with a black visor and a telephone wired in it for a mic and wearing a blue jump suit. Bob then unleashes a torrent of hardcore Mississippi Delta blues, hip hop beats and punk rock. The crash helmet telephone distorts the vocals and his hands, arms, legs and feet become a blur of jump suit clad limbs as he plays slide, triggers drum machines and drums with his feet simultaneously. Bob then adds extra ingredients to this punk blues bouillabaisse with his unique version of audience participation. More often them not he’ll bounce a couple of audience members on his knees while playing, and then bring on the infamous Boob Scotch. The audience are invited to literally stick their boob in his scotch which he then drinks. If Bob feels satisfied he will then launch into his anthem Boob Scotch!

Bob Log’s identity and history is shrouded in mystery and rumour, probably helped by his stage get up and also when his record company Fat Possum put out an early press release claiming Log had a monkey’s paw grafted on to his wrist after a boating accident as a child. Here’s an excerpt…..”When Bob Log III was a child, he lost his left hand in a boating accident. It was soon replaced with a monkey paw, and a new guitar style was born. ‘It’s my own personal style, see,’ Log says, ‘the paw moves much quicker than a normal hand, so my real hand has to flop around a lot to compensate.'” When asked to explain Fat Possum’s insistence that his right hand is a monkey’s paw, Log replied to an interviewer that, “My hand is just hairy. Very, very hairy. It is NOT a PAW. Fat Possum was drunk.” Log further clarified the monkey paw myth in an interview with Bizarre Magazine: “I’ve got all my limbs. It’s just that when I’m playing my guitar my hand moves so fast it looks like a monkey paw, a hairy paw. My hand moves really fast. Faster than a normal human hand”.

In fact Bob Log III was born in Tucson, Arizona and is a virtuoso slide player who plays with extremely thick strings tuned very loose that gives him his unique “floppy” sound. Growing up, Log listened to artists such as Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley and AC/DC, later commenting that “That’s what rock’n’roll is to me. You take a guitar, turn it up and have a good time…everyone else can go listen to Pearl Jam if they want to.” Bob Log got his first guitar at the age of 11, and by the age of 16 he had become smitten with Delta Blues, modelling his slide guitar style on that of Mississippi Fred McDowell. Log began his music career recording with Mondo Guano, a four-piece metal-blues band based in Arizona. Upon leaving Mondo Guano, Log went on to perform as one-half of seminal early Delta punk blues duo Doo Rag. Bob Log III was born when Bob was in the middle of a US tour with Doo Rag and his drummer quit. With necessity , ever the mother of invention, Bob donned a helmet he had picked up in a thrift store, took to the stage and kicked his guitar case for percussion and thus the legend of Bob Log was born. Bob Log eventually found his spiritual home on maverick Mississippi blues label Fat Possum in 1998 and released a trio of classic records: School Bus, Trike and Log Bomb.

In this current world of homogenised and mass marketed music, we need true mavericks like Bob Log III more than ever.



7.00pm doors

7.45pm start.

Resilience: the Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope
Mar 25 @ 6:00 pm

Home-Start Staffordshire Moorlands in conjunction with the Staffordshire 70/30 campaign are very pleased to announce a screening of the documentary: RESILIENCE at the Foxlowe Arts Centre on Monday 25th March at 6 pm.

This groundbreaking film about Adverse Child Experiences (ACEs) is essential viewing for those working with children and parents, politicians, commissioners and the general public.

RESILIENCE: THE BIOLOGY OF STRESS & THE SCIENCE OF HOPE chronicles the birth of a new movement among paediatricians, therapists, teachers and communities, who are using cutting-edge brain science to disrupt cycles of violence, addiction and disease.

“RESILIENCE is a fascinating documentary that eloquently explains the health-care issues that confront us directly and indirectly on a daily basis. But more than that, RESILIENCE gives us the solution to this problem. Rarely do you find a documentary that highlights a problem and gives a solution. It’s a film every educator, health-care provider, and lawmaker should see.” – Pamela Powell, Film Critic

“This is the biggest public health discovery we’ve ever seen.” – Laura Porter, Co-Founder, ACE Interface

“The child may not remember, but the body remembers.”

The original research was controversial, but the findings revealed the most important public health findings of a generation. RESILIENCE is a one-hour documentary that delves into the science of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the birth of a new movement to treat and prevent Toxic Stress. Now understood to be one of the leading causes of everything from heart disease and cancer to substance abuse and depression, extremely stressful experiences in childhood can alter brain development and have lifelong effects on health and behaviour.

However, as experts and practitioners profiled in RESILIENCE are proving, what’s predictable is preventable. These physicians, educators, social workers and communities are daring to talk about the effects of divorce, abuse and neglect. And they’re using cutting edge science to help the next generation break the cycles of adversity and disease.

Book tickets here:



Wildlife (15)
Mar 26 @ 7:45 pm – 9:30 pm

When teenager Joe and his parents move to suburban Montana, a fresh start seems to be on the cards, but cracks soon show when his volatile father Jerry loses his job and then leaves to fight forest fires raging around the city. Actor Paul Dano makes his directorial debut, adapting Richard Ford’s novel, to create a sober, beautifully realised postwar American drama, meticulously performed by Ed Oxenbould, Carey Mulligan and Jake Gyllenhaal.

“A beautifully observed study … an extraordinary performance by Mulligan.” Empire.

USA  2018  104 mins 


Cinema located on first floor – regrettably no disabled access.

Licensed bar, hot drinks available from 7 pm.

Advance tickets available from Foxlowe Gallery or online.

Tickets normally also available on the door.


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A Message for Peace
Mar 27 @ 7:30 pm

Discover how Buddha’s practical, wise and scientific methods using meditation and mindfulness can bring peace and happiness to our life and our world.

A talk by English Buddhist monk and teacher, Gen Kelsang Sangye, who has over 25 years’ experience in the USA, Europe and the UK.

To book go to:



Keith James in Concert – Rescheduled
Mar 28 @ 7:30 pm

THE SONGS OF LEONARD COHEN. This concert has been re-scheduled from February 28th.

These remarkable songs – stripped back, desolate, naked and sensual

Enigmatic, mysterious and sub textural, songwriter Leonard Cohen was an unflinching character, with an exact sense of prose, wry humour and courage to wrestle with the unspoken, forgiving human frailty with the stroke of each line.

The chilling announcement of Leonard’s passing marked the end of an era. His music befriended an entire generation. Within every line of his writing, he has been challenging us to listen more carefully, speak more thoughtfully, think more deeply and recognize our own fragility. A Man of Grace. Our World misses him very much!

With a lifetime reputation of performing in this exact way and an undying love of the ‘pure song’ Keith James gives you a concert of Cohen’s amazing material in the most intimate and sensitive way imaginable, exposing the solitary inner strength of his greatest songs in their original perfect form. Keith has performed an extensive tour of this concert in Theatres and Arts Centres across the UK, giving close to 400 concerts to well over 100,000 people. This has proved to be one of the greatest honours in Keith James’ 40 year career in music. Keith lives in Powys, Wales and Andalucia, Spain

Included in the concert are Cohen’s well known songs: Famous Blue Raincoat, Sisters of Mercy, Suzanne and Hallelujah alongside his rarer and profound writing such as Who by Fire, Joan of Arc and Secret Life. Also included are Keith’s dramatic and absorbing performances based on the work of Federico Garcia Lorca – Cohen’s greatest influence.
Keith has also transcribed into song one of Leonard’s poems from his collection ‘Book of longing’

‘Some of the most atmospheric and emotive music you will ever hear’ The Independent

‘Good work! Glad you are keeping Leonard’s songs alive’ Sylvie Simmons, Biographer – The Life of Leonard Cohen

‘Keith James has become a pillar of trust. A sublimely intimate and engaging voice’ Sunday Times
‘an elegant and beautifully crafted reinterpretation of a great Artist’s words’ BBC Radio Scotland

‘certainly the UK’s most celebrated and evocative interpreter of golden music’ The Guardian

‘All the tears of time are shed in a few brief lines’ Times Literary Supplement

‘a sensitive and pleasingly understated delivery, all the better that the songs might speak for themselves’ Acoustic Magazine

Shoplifters (15)
Apr 2 @ 7:45 pm – 9:45 pm

Hirokazu Kore-eda’s (Like Father, Like Son, Our Little Sister) Palme d’Or winning new film is a profoundly moving drama about the forces holding a struggling family together.  It’s being hailed as among the very best in the celebrated writer-director’s career and has inspired rave reviews.  The Shibatas are poverty-stricken and routinely turn to petty thieving to make ends meet, but nonetheless, when they happen upon Yuri, a little girl sheltering from the cold, she is welcomed into the family. Kore-eda’s trademark subtlety and nuanced moral inquiry, give rare prominence to Japanese society’s urban underclass with compassion and insight. “Kore-eda’s audacious latest steals the heart. A rich, satisfying and deeply intelligent film.” ***** The Guardian.

Japan (subtitled) 2018 115 mins       


Cinema located on first floor – regrettably no disabled access.

Licensed bar, hot drinks available from 7 pm.

Advance tickets available from Foxlowe Gallery or online.

Tickets normally also available on the door.


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