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Colin Grimes has worked in Art Education for over 30 years with student and adult groups and organised Art Study Tours throughout Europe, USA and Russia. He has exhibited his work extensively throughout his career. The major theme underlying his painting is reflected images, he is fascinated by the complex overlapping images that are created when looking at a subject through a glass window. Colin has produced a series of paintings which reflect and celebrate the life of Lymm village. He has also produced a second series reflecting life in other countries where people are using public transport. A major exhibition of his paintings was on show at the Warrington Museum & Art Gallery in 2014. He is currently working towards another solo exhibition at the Gallery at St. George’s House in Bolton from March 10th to May 16th 2016.

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“This exhibition of paintings chronicles the contemporary daily life of most people and the places in which they travel, shop, eat and drink, work, spend their leisure time and holiday. Colin relates rich narrative in these images as well as creating complex compositions in colour, pattern and subtleties of tone. The windows form only one of the superimposed multilayered images on each canvas. We can observe the interior behind the glass, the reflections captured by the glass of those who peer in, the objects behind and in front of the window and sometimes reflections of objects behind the viewer on the opposite side of the street. We simultaneously observe beyond and behind – a rich tapestry of information from a skilled draughtsman – both dexterous as well as aesthetically sensitive.”

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Pat Bennett, June 2015.

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