A day of Cake at the Foxlowe


Leek’s increasingly popular Food & Drink Festival filled the town this Saturday (19th March), reportedly bringing incoming traffic to a standstill on occasions.  The Foxlowe Café played its part, providing a seemingly endless supply of Lemon Drizzle cake as part of the Great Leek Bake-off in addition to countless coffees, lunches and afternoon teas.

The Foxlowe Garden team, who are celebrating International Year of Pulses, arranged their Seed Swap to coincide with the event and contributed to the cake fest with a range of cakes made from pulses.   Thanks to Penny, Jane and Alison who made them and also to the lovely people who brought seeds to share and/or left donations.  Leftover seeds will go to the next seed swap, which will take place on Saturday, 9th April.  We also have spare Poached Egg plants to give away.  These are great companion plants, as they attract the hoverflies that devour nasty aphids such as green- and blackflies.  The plants have been left out beside the greenwood fence for anyone who would like to take them.  First come, first served.  A donation can be made in one of the Foxlowe donation boxes in lieu of payment or swap.

Family activities to mark Peas being the ‘Pulse of the Month’ included the pea test for princesses (easily passed by Georgia and Eleanor) and parachute games in the garden with giant green ‘peas’.



In response to popular demand, links to some of the recipes are available below.


Black or Red Kidney Bean Chocolate cake

A lovey chocolatey gluten-free cake; using black beans makes it very dark – suitable for Halloween!?   It can be made completely dairy-free by using  dairy-free chocolate at the end.  An easy recipe to whizz up in the food processor.  The original recipe makes a very liquid batter, which takes longer to cook than suggested, so it’s probably wise to cut down on the liquid, e.g. orange juice.  You can also make individual cakes by reducing the cooking time: about 20 minutes for fairy cakes and 30 minutes for muffins.

Kidney Bean Chocolate Cake and other top 10 bean recipes


Blackbean Brownies

Another sumptuous chocolate cake that is both gluten- and dairy-free.  Honey would be a good alternative to agave syrup if it can’t be found.

Blackbean Brownies


Chickpea and Orange Cake

A wonderful moist cake with lots of lovely orange flavour.

Chickpea & Orange Cake


Rose of Persia Cake

An exotic cake made with gram flour, which comes from chick peas.  Its rosewater and sour cherry ingredients give it an authentic taste of the Middle East.  The recipe is designed for a ring mould or loaf tins but it can also be used for small cakes by adjusting the cooking time.

Rose of Persia Cake