Pure Yoga Class – Wednesday mornings

A Leek-born Yogi has followed her dream of sharing yoga with her community after setting up a class in her home town.  Angela Riley, aged 38, currently teaches at Pure Yoga in Macclesfield but is now bringing her knowledge to Leek with a weekly class at the Foxlowe.

The style of yoga taught by Angela is accessible to all ages and physical abilities. “I so often hear people say that they can’t do yoga because they’re not flexible enough but my teachings focus on mindful movement and breath awareness to help people find some inner peace. Flexibility, strength and suppleness, to name but a few of the physical benefits, are great by-products of the practice”

Angela’s 75 minute class runs every Wednesday morning at 10am (in term time) in the Foxlowe’s Rainbow room.  She asks that you bring your own mat but there will be a limited number available to borrow.  Cost £7.00 per session.

Angela can be contacted on 07837 253161 or email angelajayneriley@icloud.com.

“Yoga fascinates me” says Angela, “It feels as though the more I learn, the more there is to know and the more I learn about myself along the way! Yoga has become a way of life. My personal journey has taught me that yoga can transform a person’s outlook and empower them with a set of tools to protect and nourish both on and off the mat in this busy and fast paced world in which we live.”

Angela had been practicing yoga for 15 years when she was accepted on an 18-month teacher training diploma with the not-for-profit educational body Yoga Campus. ”I was really excited to get on the course”, added Angela, “It’s been a great honour to learn under some of the very top names in yoga who have helped develop yoga in the West today.” Prior to this she had spent a transformative year with the British Wheel of Yoga doing a Foundation course in Manchester.

“I’m truly committed to sharing knowledge about the ancient yet ever-changing traditions of yoga,” says Angela. “I first came to yoga almost 20-years ago at a local gym – I enjoyed the physical work out but had no idea it could be anything more than that. By signing up to the British Wheel of yoga in 2014, I was acting on a suspicion that there was more to it and what a discovery I made under the guidance of my gifted teacher Emma Lloyd!”

“As a result of my journey so far, my personal practice is continually evolving but at its heart is the connection between breath and movement. Yoga has taught me many lessons but some of the greatest include being mindful, present and kind to myself.”

Angela added, “I was particularly drawn to yoga philosophy and amazed at how transferable the teachings are to life today. I wanted to know more and to share it with others so was spurred on to apply for the teacher training course.”