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We are fortunate to have a large garden in the centre of Leek, which is popular with visitors in spring, summer and autumn.  The terrace allows al fresco eating and drinking and overlooks one of two spacious lawns.

Children are particularly welcome to run around and explore, although we do ask parents or carers to keep an eye on them and encourage them to respect the plants and wildlife.  Dogs are also welcome.

ST13 July-Aug 2017


An on-line copy of ST13 (No 46) is now available.

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A Long Way from Home

A new exhibition ‘A Long Way From Home’ has recently opened in the Heritage Room.

The exhibition has only been seen before in Leek for a short while in 2004 after the collaboration between Borderland Voices and the Polish Community, who came to England after the Second World War and settled at the disused army camp at Blackshaw Moor.

A series of in-depth interviews from survivors of prison and labour camps together with heart-rending refugee journeys were recorded and transcribed culminating in the publication of an accompanying book.

Sadly most of the interviewees have now died but it is hoped the exhibition will be a reminder of the bravery and stoicism of the Polish people who travelled so far from their own country and of interest to the new generation of Polish people who have settled in Leek and the Moorlands.

Gallery – Human Form in 2 and 3 Dimensions exhibition

David Walton: Head of a woman, red biro

The Human Form in 2 and 3 Dimensions exhibition:  Saturday 8th July – 12th August

This exhibition includes works by Charles Walker, Nick Grew and David Walton.  Charles, who runs a series of Life Drawing groups, is an award winning artist.  He states that life drawing and painting and portraiture have never lost their appeal. He said: “What a privilege to be the artist in that situation.  I try simply to respond to the challenge the person sitting for me in an honest and colourful way.”

Nick, an Associate of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists, is a sculptor who works mainly in clay cast, into bronze or resin. His work includes portraiture, figurative and abstracted works, with the latter based on the human figure and emotions. He said: “I’m inspired by the beauty and complexity of the human face, body and anatomy and how this expresses the intensity and depth of human thought, feeling and experience.”

Charles Walker 3

Meanwhile, David draws and has recently developed some of his work into lino cut prints. He is a member of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists where he exhibits regularly. He is also due to give talks to art societies on ‘Some Purposes of Portraiture.’ His work is in the the permanent collections of Derby Art Gallery, The University of Birmingham, The RBSA, and the Edge Art Centre.

Nick Grew: Ella reading, no 2

The Human Form in 2 and 3 Dimensions will run until Saturday August 12.

The Foxlowe Gallery is open Wednesday to Saturday: 10am-4pm and the first Sunday of the month: 11am-4pm.

For further information please contact Gallery co-ordinator

Jane Leigh – jane.elizabeth1106@gmail.com 07941548512


Pure Yoga Class – Wednesday mornings

A Leek-born Yogi has followed her dream of sharing yoga with her community after setting up a class in her home town.  Angela Riley, aged 38, currently teaches at Pure Yoga in Macclesfield but is now bringing her knowledge to Leek with a weekly class at the Foxlowe.

The style of yoga taught by Angela is accessible to all ages and physical abilities. “I so often hear people say that they can’t do yoga because they’re not flexible enough but my teachings focus on mindful movement and breath awareness to help people find some inner peace. Flexibility, strength and suppleness, to name but a few of the physical benefits, are great by-products of the practice”

Angela’s 75 minute class runs every Wednesday morning at 10am (in term time) in the Foxlowe’s Rainbow room.  She asks that you bring your own mat but there will be a limited number available to borrow.  Cost £7.00 per session.

Angela can be contacted on 07837 253161 or email angelajayneriley@icloud.com.

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Café Art – Philip Johnson

Staffordshire born artist Philip Johnson enjoyed drawing and painting anything and everything from a very young age.

He studied illustration and portraiture at The Birmingham College of Art and later worked as an illustrator for The Open University.

However he soon discovered that producing artwork every day, where time was an ever present factor, it eventually became a chore and he ultimately stopped drawing and painting for pleasure.

Philip eventually decided to leave the art world and spent 18 years bringing up his young family and running his own business working in the building trade.

At the age of 40 he sold his business and studied for a Bachelor of Education Degree at the MMU.

Subsequently he took up teaching and taught in Stafford for 16 years. Following a move to Cheshire he taught part time in the Crewe area for a further 7 years.

Now retired and after a 40 year break from his artwork, Philip finally feels able to devote quality time to developing his painting and drawing skills once again.

Philip still draws and paints anything and everything but feels that the human face is often especially alluring. His work is heavily influenced by his experience as an illustrator and he often listens to classical music while drawing or painting at home in his studio.

He works in many different media, from pencils and pastels to oils and acrylics. However his choice of media is primarily dictated by the image he is creating. As he sees them all as an extension of drawing swapping between them is not a big issue.

However Philip says that if he had to choose one medium it would probably be pencil because when working in monochrome he can concentrate entirely on the tonal quality of his work.

Website: http://www.realistportraits.com

HEROES – Westwood 1st School

HEROES : Years 1 to 4 have produced drawings  / collages inspired by learning about heroic men and women in recent history.
The following are displayed : Grace Darling,  Florence Nightingale, Mahatma Gandhi and Rosa Parks.

Yoga in the Garden

A garden is the ideal place for yoga and the dry weather this summer has created great opportunities for Paula’s Friday morning class.

To find out more, go to YOGA with PAULA – FRIDAY MORNINGS.

Plants to Go!

Outside – on the Patio.

The plants on and close to the stand are free to anyone who can give them a good home in exchange for a donation.

There are donation boxes in the bar and beside the inner front door.



What we offer

We host lots of different types of event, including film, music, comedy, theatre, talks and regular workshops for yoga and ceilidh dancing.  To find out more about these, just follow the links.  To find out about individual upcoming events go to the (What’s On) page, which can be sorted by category, so that you can focus on the type of event you’re primarily interested in.

Inspired by Leek Embroidery


The EMBROIDERERS’ GUILD EXHIBITION in the Cruso Room on the ground floor will be on display from 22nd May – 8th July 2017.  Two pieces from the exhibition can be viewed in the Gallery upstairs by the window, placed there because they can then be handled (with white gloves).

PLEASE NOTE that the Gallery is closed on Mondays, Tuesdays and Sundays except for the first Sunday of the month.  The Cruso Room is open daily as part of the Cafe except for Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th June and is also open only on the first Sunday of the month.


The main exhibition shows work produced by East Midlands Guild members who entered a competition to create pieces inspired by Leek embroidery.  Cathryn Walton, author of ‘Hidden Lives: Leek’s Extraordinary Embroiderers’, was guest lecturer at their Regional Day and spoke about the Leek Embroidery Society with its close connections with the Macclesfield Silk Mills and leading designers such as William Morris.

The prize winners were:

Judges Choice for 1st Prize “Inspired by Leek Embroidery” by Loraine Roselli, Market Harborough Branch (This is a small delicate book on display in the Gallery upstairs).   Main picture

Highly Commended Prize “Flower Frenzy” by Mary Healey, Derbyshire Branch


Prize for Members’ Choice “Jacobean Tree of Life” by Sue Cork, ‘Layers of Stitch’ Grantham Branch



In 2012 The Embroiderers’ Guild decided to celebrate the Olympics in London by asking each Branch to create a series of Post Cards for each of the Countries taking part.  About 250 Branches participated in the project, each being allocated a Country, in all 3,000 Post Cards were produced!  The work on display here represents 17 of the 18 Branches in the East Midlands Region.



Friday 30th June 11am-1pm at The Foxlowe.

Contact Pam Keeling for further information about this meeting 01332 523469

For more information about The Embroiderers’ Guild visit:  www.embroiderersguild.com

For more information about the East Midlands Region of the Embroiderers’ Guild visit:   www.emreg.org.uk