Something in the Air (15)

10/12/2013 @ 7:45 pm
Foxlowe Arts Centre
Market Place
Leek, ST13 6AD
United Kingdom
01538 386112





It’s 1971, and in the wake of the revolutionary fervour of May 1968, a group of youthful Paris radicals are trying to live their ideals, contributing to the revolution they believe is just beginning.  Would-be painter/filmmaker Gilles (Clement Metayer) – a stand-in for the director in this semi-autobiographical story – tries to meld his artistic dreams with a commitment to political action.  Passionate girlfriend Christine (Lola Creton) throws herself wholeheartedly into the task of organising.  Together, with a group of like-minded friends, they paint political slogan graffiti, take part in a street riot, and throw the occasional Molotov cocktail. Olivier Assavas brilliantly conveys the youthful spirit of the period, when change was in the air: in explorations of new lifestyles, arguments about strategies and tactics and above all its music, a constant presence that becomes something like the artistic subconscious of an era.  The period details are perfect with a palpable feel for place and time, but what makes this film so special is the urgent sense it conveys of history as lived experience.  Something in the Air is the very embodiment of “the personal is the political”.

France/UK 1979  122 mins  (subtitled)

(This film replaces the originally published movie The Company You Keep which will now be shown next season due to a delay in the release date).