Take 2 exhibition 2012

01/12/2012 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Foxlowe arts centre
Staffordshire ST13 6AD
Chris Thompson
01538 386112

The Exhibition, Take 2 is affirmation of the Foxlowe’s first complete year Leek’s Art Centre.

Sculptor Rachel Hunt is joining David Hunt, Anita Hill and Jonathan Walker, all of whom exhibited this time last year.

  • Rachel Talbot: Rachel’s childhood memories of her grandmother, where, even as a youngster she observed the ageing face and body, were the beginnings of her close attention to detail. Old book illustrations are her fascination and source material, from which she translates two dimensions into three. This ‘old-world’ element in her illustrative pieces exudes its own quality through the patination suggesting time passed. Her Two Dames, a closely observed and articulated sculpture of two wigless pantomime ‘dames’ fascinates but also disturbs as one studies the closed world of the performers.
  • Jonathan Walker, with once again a display of caricature animal characters presenting the extremes of wisdom and cunning, continues to show his ability with watercolour, and a seeming ease of execution in his technique. Jonathan’s childhood has an enormous influence on his work, reflected in the importance of colour to him. The suggestion of a glimpse into a story pervades his work, and he delights in the amount of times people have written to him, telling their own stories from his paintings.
  • Anita Hill’s painting career was triggered on her thirtieth birthday by the gift of a paintbox from her mother. This led to painting classes with Doris Brown, who banished all colours from Anita’s box except four, Doris’s chosen palette. From then on Anita was hooked on colour, delighting in subtleties and extremes. Her Moroccan Market, with its slab of vivid blue sky and white silhouetted building, its shoppers painted in blocks of rich warm colours is one end of the spectrum against the delicate, limited palette (largely blue and yellow) of Windy Walk, Horton, at the other.
  • David Hunt’s inspiration is more immediate. Triggered by a view, his response is then to his surface, and its texture, deliberately variable from piece to piece. Although responding to the image, in portraying it, he is delighting in the marks his materials make. Close inspection of any surface will show slashing strokes as he builds up his layers of colour, thus creating the shimmering effects of light and shade in which he delights. Not afraid to repeat himself, his four paintings Spring Walk I, II, III & IV,  can be seen as an experiment in composition of cropped and extended vistas. It would be interesting to see David doing a ‘Monet’ in terms of presenting the same scene at different times of day, or seasons, adding yet further dimensions and intensity. The Elderflower – Pixie Meadow,  epitomises David’s ability to present even a modest tree in its magnificence, a shimmering mass of white blossom, exuding light in an already light-drenched landscape.


Take 2 exhibition runs until 13th January 2013 – the gallery is open Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 4pm and Sunday 11am – 4pm.

Please note Foxlowe Arts Centre is closed over Christmas from 3pm December 24th