Meet The Artist – Chris Farrow

25/03/2017 @ 12:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Foxlowe Arts Centre
Market Place


Chris Farrow 2

Into the Woods exhibition – Meet the Artist.

Chris Farrow – Artist Statement

I have always loved wood and I have always loved simplicity.  Woodturning gives me the opportunity to combine these loves to create simple but beautiful bowls that allow the natural beauty of the wood to stand front & centre.  Even the ugliest piece of wood can be coerced into a lovely form that releases the hidden beauty inside.  I work mainly with fairly fresh ‘green’ wood sourced almost exclusively from within my local area, much of it from my own garden.  Most of the wood I turn is still wet and prone to bending, warping and cracking even as it is turned.


For me it is these ‘imperfections’ that are the real beauty, imbuing each piece with its own unique character and personality.  My bowls are made to be handled and enjoyed, to be explored by touch as well as by eye.  They are made to last and to be enjoyed for many generations.

‘Into the Woods’ runs from 18 February to 1 April at the Foxlowe Gallery, upstairs at the Foxlowe Arts Centre. Foxlowe Gallery is open Wednesday to Saturday 10am-4pm and the first Sunday of every month (11am-4pm).