Interpretations an abstract art exhibition

15/09/2012 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
FOXLOWE arts centre
Staffordshire ST13 6AD
Chris Thompson
01538 386112

‘Interpretations’ is an abstract art exhibition at the Foxlowe Arts Centre, Leek, Staffordshire.

The Exhibition runs from15th September to 14th October 2012 Wednesday-Saturday 10-4 and Sunday 11-4.

Interpretations: Stephen Hodgetts, Jon Braley & Josh Howard

Stephen Hodgetts

Local photographer Stephen Hodgetts is showing a collection of his black and white images these are in the form of abstract studies of architecture and still life.

Stephen has been working in black and white for over twenty years and has a particular interest in producing creative images using the affect of monochrome to emphasise shape and form. His work has been published in international photography magazines as well as being invited to talk to the Royal Photography Sociality about his work.

Stephen explains his approach to photography as “A photographic image is made up of many elements, it’s up to the individual to interpret the elements and produce the final image as seen in ones “minds eye”. My work is my personnel interpretation of what I see. Before I take a photograph I always try to visualize what the final image may look like “

In the early 20th century The Photo-Secession movement was formed to promote photography as a fine art. A group of photographers lead by Alfred Stieglitz & F Holland Day held the controversial viewpoint that what was significant about a photograph was not what was in front of the camera but the manipulation of the image by the photographer.

Jon Braley

Jon, who grew up on Leek’s Hargate Estate, studied at Leek College before studying BA (Hons) Fine Art at University Derby and then gaining an MA in European Fine Art at Winchester School of Art.

Jon Braley’s paintings are about how we relate to nature in an urban, technological age. The more we live in cities and cocoon ourselves from the natural world, the more we become separated from it. In the process, ‘nature’ seems to have become like a commodity or consumable idea that we have come to see as separate from ourselves. Like ancient myth or legend, the natural world has managed to become something romanticised but distant: an essential part of our identity that we nevertheless have increasing trouble reconnecting with.

Jon is a successful modern artist living and working in London last year he was amongst just 45 artists showing their work at the prestige’s Walker Art Gallery.

Josh Howard

Josh prefers painting on the large scale and is currently using landscape as inspiration for his work and is increasingly drawn to more abstraction. He says of his work ‘my paintings all develop differently although it is the experiment with paint in the initial stages that decides the tenor of the final piece’. In many of his pieces previous paintings can be seen under the final stages as the colour is built up.

Josh Howard is currently studying Art and Design at Leek College. Josh won joint 1st prize in the 2D/3D category at this year’s Staffordshire Moorlands Open Art Exhibition and 1st prize in last year’s Staffordshire Moorlands Open Art Exhibition in the same category. His work is already in private and corporate collections.

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