Fashion Revolution Show

21/04/2016 @ 6:15 pm
Foxlowe Arts Centre

Fashion show - cropped

Come and see the colourful and ethical creations of local fashion designers and join the Fashion Revolution.

Come and see colourful and ethical clothes and accessories from local designers as well as designs by Buxton & Leek College students.

A wide range of designers and independent shops from Leek, Ashbourne and the surrounding area will be showcasing their latest clothing ranges including Equatorial, Holly Crow, Hugget, Subculture and Wardrobe of Leek alongside handbags by Maggie Gosling and hats by Pachacuti. For the first time, this year’s show will also feature canine fashions from Sweetpea & Boo. There will also be stalls selling local and ethical products including jewellery by Aphrodite Designs and Tropic natural skincare as well as clothes and accessories shown on the catwalk.

Doors open at 6.15pm for a 7pm start.

Tickets £7.50 including complimentary glass of wine. Available from the Foxlowe and online.

Fashion Revolution Day on 24 April marks the anniversary of the disaster in Dhaka, Bangladesh where 1,133 people were killed and over 2,500 were injured when the Rana Plaza factory complex collapsed. Social and environmental catastrophes in the fashion supply chain continue and Fashion Revolution uses the power of fashion to inspire change and reconnect the broken links in the supply chain.

The Foxlowe Film group recently screened the documentary The True Cost, which gives the background story and shows why Fashion Revolution Day is so important.  If you missed the film, there are online opportunities to stream or buy the full film, which can be reached by following this link:

Watch The True Cost


In over 60 countries around the world, tens of thousands of people participated in the first Fashion Revolution Day on 24 April 2014.  Last year it had spread to over 70 countries.

Join us again this year.
Turn an item of clothing inside-out and ask the brands the question: Who Made My Clothes?

Be curious. Find out who made your clothes — from who spun the threads, to who sewed them together, to who grew the cotton in the first place.

Your clothes already tell a story about who you are. Now they can tell a better one.

Together we will use the power of fashion to inspire change and reconnect the broken links in the supply chain.


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