Types of event

Spring Film Programme

Our new film programme starts on Tuesday, 9th January and the first film will be Loving Vincent (12A).  We are also excited this time to be running a mini Russian season, which includes the poignant film The Fencer (PG) and the dark but very funny satire, The Death of Stalin (15).

Printed programmes are now available at the Foxlowe and the films will be on the website and ticketing site by the New Year.   For a sneak preview see the downloadable programme.

Tickets are still at the printers but should be available by the first weekend in January.


Raise a Festive Glass to the ‘Yes Men’ and ‘The Other Side of Hope’

Get into the festive spirit literally at the last two films of the season. The film group will be serving apple and brandy punch (downloadable recipe here) and mince pies at the Wednesday (6th December) screening of The Yes Men are Revolting, and then mulled wine and stollen at The Other Side of Hope on Tuesday, 12th December.

Qigong Classes

Twice-monthly classes in the Rainbow Room on a Tuesday from 10.00am to 11.30am on the following dates:

9 January, 23 January, 13 February, 27 February, 13 March, 27 March, 10 April, 24 April

Qigong is an ancient and powerful system of energy medicine from China:  it means ‘vital energy (Qi) cultivation (Gong).  It uses breathing techniques, gentle movement and meditation to cleanse, strengthen and circulate Qi.   Working with Qigong exercise will relieve stress, balance the hormonal system, release toxins and strengthen the immune system, as well as slow ageing and help accelerate healing.

£10.00 per class payable on the day, but please book in advance with Lindsay.

For more information, please contact Lindsay Trevarthen, Three Treasures Qigong on 07989-986672, email qigong@w3z.co.uk or visit www.threetreasuresqigong.co.uk

Pure Yoga Class – Wednesday mornings cancelled till after Christmas

There will be no more Wednesday classes in the lead up to Christmas.  For further details about classes after Christmas, please check the website then or contact Angela directly on 07837 253161 or email angelajayneriley@icloud.com.

Film ‘Maudie’ to be replaced by ‘My Cousin Rachel’

Despite hopes that we would be able to confirm Maudie (5th December) for the current season, we have had to postpone it till after Christmas.  Its replacement is My Cousin Rachel, the 2017 film based on the novel by Daphne du Maurier and starring Rachel Weisz and Sam Claflin. Details in What’s On on the website.


A Time for Awareness as well as Remembrance?

It is right for us to remember past horrors and tragic mistakes, but John Pilger’s powerful documentary film also reminds us of the need to avoid future cataclysms and warns us about the one currently brewing in the Pacific.

Filmed over two years in the Marshall Islands, Japan, Korea, China and the US, this film reveals a build-up to war on the doorstep of China. Bringing together a combination of rare archive footage and interviews with witnesses, the film documents America’s secret history in the region.

“A strong corrective to our bland and complacent indifference to the new war-game scenario in the Pacific”.  The Guardian

“You may come out of it agreeing with him, disagreeing with him, or somewhere in between. But it’s a live issue that could change the world, could end the world as we know it, and this dedicated journalist wants to make sure we know about it.” The Australian

For screening details see What’s On.

My Life as a Courgette – definitely Thursday


The children’s matinée ‘My life as a Courgette’ will definitely be screened on Thursday, 26th October, not Tuesday as shown on the poster.

It would be a shame to miss this film, as it had the highest approval rating at the pre-screening, even over the adult films.


Foxlowe Arts Centre brings professional theatre to Leek

Theatre image

A message from our Live & Local coordinator – Michael Quine.

Hello, again.

We have progress from Live and Local – tickets and print have arrived for the October show Team Viking. It comes very well reviewed, and it’s here on Wed 25 October (see What’s On).

It’s a touching and very funny one man theatre performance telling the epic saga of one man’s request for a full Viking burial and the mates who helped him get it: as the flyer says, it features live music and razor-sharp comedy. The Stage newspaper said: “As accomplished storytelling as you could hope to see. To call it a comedy about friendship, mourning and terminal illness – which on one level it is – would in no way convey what a joyous thing it is.”

Tickets are now available in the usual way. Yes, I’m afraid we’ve had to put the ticket price up a bit for this third season – it’s one of the conditions of the financial support Live and Local give us.

And now a sneak preview for the Spring.

On Friday 2 Feb we have Derbyshire-based Red Earth Theatre with Mirror, Mirror, a highly visual new version of the classic Snow White fairy tale. Lots of activity, great costumes, props and puppets appealing to small people and their accompanying adults. It’s great to be able to follow last year’s almost sell-out Shoe Kangaroo with this.

Then, soon after, on Saturday 10 Feb, we try something very different. Points of Echoes is an exciting, unexpected and uncanny dance theatre tale with two performers for adults and age 15+. Love, death and monsters set on a remote lighthouse. We’re very lucky to get this show, and it’s designed for an audience of just 60. It comes from bgroup Dance, and the review from Metro describes it as “cheekily hovering on the boundary between dance and theatre”. Metro

The last of our L&L spring shows comes from Pentabus, based over the border in Shropshire and renowned for their national touring work. Here I Belong is a compelling and realistic play set in a close-knit village following the changing life of Elsie, as she celebrates 4 birthdays over the course of 60 years. It’s going to be staged cabaret-style and “we’ll bring all the tables”. That’s on Friday 15 March.

Booking for these Spring shows isn’t open just yet, but I’ll let you know when it is, and you can find details of all the Live & Local shows in brochures at the Foxlowe or at https://issuu.com/livelocal/docs/staffordshire_2017_booklet.

And last, let me remind you about a magnificent show rather outside our patch. Paradise Lost (lies unopened beside me) is a barn-storming one-man theatre / comedy / dance re-telling of the story of creation, inspired by John Milton’s epic poem ‘Paradise Lost‘. Performed with shambolic vigour and brilliant audience rapport this is an enchanting, comically charming and very funny show. I saw it a few months ago and plan to go to see it again. It’s in Tutbury, near Derby, on Saturday 2 December. If the show appeals, then maybe we might share transport – should be about 50 minutes journey.

Best regards

Michael Quine



Foxlowe Films Autumn Programme 2017

Our autumn programme is now at the printers, so will be available shortly in the vestibule at the Foxlowe and elsewhere around town. We’re really excited to share with you the films that are coming up – a varied programme and we hope there will be something in there to surprise, delight and spark your interest.

The Tuesday night programme kicks off on Tuesday, September 19th with Their Finest, a charming, nostalgic wartime romantic drama with Gemma Atherton and Bill Nighy and the Wednesday night documentaries on Wednesday, October 4th with How to Change the World, a history of Greenpeace, starting with a group of friends sailing into a nuclear test zone.  Follow the links to get a sneak preview of each film on the website.  The rest of the programme will appear on August 24th; for details see What’s On, but if you can’t wait till then you can download an electronic copy here:

Autumn 2017 programme

Downloadable composite posters

Early autumn film poster 2017

Late autumn film poster 2017

Tickets should be available from the beginning of September, but watch the Foxlowe Films Facebook page for up to the minute information.

Yoga in the Garden

A garden is the ideal place for yoga and the dry weather this summer has created great opportunities for Paula’s Friday morning class.

To find out more, go to YOGA with PAULA – FRIDAY MORNINGS.