Alison McCrea

‘Unique Artwork for Christmas’ – preview

Coinciding with the Christmas Lights switch-on on Friday night, the Unique Artwork for Christmas  preview provided a great opportunity to admire wonderful artwork and do some Christmas shopping, all in the warmth of the Foxlowe gallery.

The work came from the five members of Gallery at 12 in Eccleshall.

ST13 Nov-Dec 2017

An on-line copy of ST13 (No 48) is now available.

Follow the links for the full text:

ST13 No 48 COVER


ST13 Sept-Oct 2017

An on-line copy of ST13 (No 47) is now available.

Follow the links for the full text:

ST13 No 47 COVER


Film ‘Maudie’ to be replaced by ‘My Cousin Rachel’

Despite hopes that we would be able to confirm Maudie (5th December) for the current season, we have had to postpone it till after Christmas.  Its replacement is My Cousin Rachel, the 2017 film based on the novel by Daphne du Maurier and starring Rachel Weisz and Sam Claflin. Details in What’s On on the website.


A Time for Awareness as well as Remembrance?

It is right for us to remember past horrors and tragic mistakes, but John Pilger’s powerful documentary film also reminds us of the need to avoid future cataclysms and warns us about the one currently brewing in the Pacific.

Filmed over two years in the Marshall Islands, Japan, Korea, China and the US, this film reveals a build-up to war on the doorstep of China. Bringing together a combination of rare archive footage and interviews with witnesses, the film documents America’s secret history in the region.

“A strong corrective to our bland and complacent indifference to the new war-game scenario in the Pacific”.  The Guardian

“You may come out of it agreeing with him, disagreeing with him, or somewhere in between. But it’s a live issue that could change the world, could end the world as we know it, and this dedicated journalist wants to make sure we know about it.” The Australian

For screening details see What’s On.

Apple Fest Juice and Apples for Sale in Cafe

If you like the taste of real apples, not the flavourless supermarket varieties or oversweetened commercial juice that tastes nothing like the real thing, come and buy some in the Foxlowe Cafe.  Come soon if you want juice, as stocks are limited.  Tasting notes provided for the apples, which will include a few grown in the Foxlowe garden.   The current variety is Sunset (very few) and we will feed in the Pixies in December, as they are a late-eating variety.

Apple Fest Indoors – Come and Join Us!

Young Brian has persuaded the gardeners to bring their Apple Fest indoors this year (tomorrow, Sat 21st October).  And what better place to be on a wet and windy day than the Foxlowe, having warming apple and parsnip soup in the cafe and tasting apple cake, jam, jelly and chutney in the Function Room.  There will be local dry cider to taste and/or buy, plus 12 varieties of fabulous English apples, most from Brogdale in Kent, plus apple games including apple bobbing on the patio and face-painting indoors.

The main activity will be making delectable apple juice out of everyone’s windfalls and surplus apples.  Come and help feed the voracious new apple mill.  The event starts at 11.00 am and the last apples are weighed in at 2.00 pm, but most activities will continue till 3.00.


The Gateway Shedders will also be there, in the bar, selling their wonderful products made from recycled wood. They make great Christmas presents and stocking fillers.

My Life as a Courgette – definitely Thursday


The children’s matinée ‘My life as a Courgette’ will definitely be screened on Thursday, 26th October, not Tuesday as shown on the poster.

It would be a shame to miss this film, as it had the highest approval rating at the pre-screening, even over the adult films.



Rebecca’s Paintings in Acrylic and Watercolour are inspired by Nature. Closely observed and detailed illustrations of flowers, fruit, leaves, seeds, shells and pebbles are linked to a strong passion for colour.


Thanks, but keep drinking the wine

Sterling work is being done by Foxlowe supporters to provide enough bottles for the apple juice at Apple Fest this year.  However, the new mill is so efficient at getting the juice out of the apples, we’re not sure we have enough bottles yet.  It’s a difficult task but….

All contributions (wine bottles with screw tops) are welcome.  Please leave beside the garden shed or behind the bar if you can contribute.

We hope to have enough spares on the day but to be sure of containers to take your juice home, please bring some bottles along with any apples.  Full details in What’s On.